Our Endorsements
Top row, from left to right: David Douglass, President, DAAP; Pierre Bourbonnais, President, BearFeed.org; Naweed Mohabbat, President, CalSERVE; Pavan Upadhyahula, President, Student Action; Raman Veerappan, President, Independent; Justin Kong, Executive Vice President, CalSERVE; Jasmine Guillen, Executive Vice President, DAAP
Bottom row, from left to right: Nicolas Jaber, External Affairs Vice President, Independent; Gabriela Padilla, External Affairs Vice President, DAAP; Caitlin Quinn, External Affairs Vice President, CalSERVE; Alison McDonald, Academic Affairs Vice President, DAAP; Jeanette Corona, Academic Affairs Vice President, CalSERVE; Rishi Ahuja, Student Advocate, Independent; Sayedah Mosavi, Student Advocate, DAAP

Because each of the campus’s two major student political parties — Student Action and CalSERVE — tends to cater to quite different constituencies, this election represents a crucial turning point for the ASUC. Student Action’s years of political dominance crumbled last year when the party managed to win only a single executive office. Now, with CalSERVE fielding a full slate and Student Action offering only a single competitor, CalSERVE has seized momentum and seems poised to assume the hegemony of the ASUC’s top office that Student Action lost. More than $1 million in student-fee money is on the line.

Our campus is gripped by a variety of vexing issues, many of which leave students divided. The next class of ASUC executives face difficult issues, including, for example, what kind of relationship to build with UC President Janet Napolitano, how to best address the epidemic that is sexual assault and the best way to get a student elected to Berkeley City Council.

Over the next three days, students will have the opportunity to buck the block-vote trend that leads to the prioritization of some campus issues over others. We can elect a diverse slate of executives that will truly support all students equally, rather than favoring specific communities or political bases. The promise of equal representation has taken center stage over the past few weeks of the campaign, and the candidates that The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board has endorsed are best able to fulfill it.

ASUC campaign season is taxing, even for those who aren’t directly involved. But the issues are real, and process is worthwhile. At the Daily Cal’s annual candidates forum Friday and in separate interviews with each candidate, the Senior Editorial Board vetted each candidate to the best of its ability and carefully gauged the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Now, the future of campus leadership lies in the hands of the students.

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All photos by Michael Drummond/Senior Staff